Blog: She Is Not Lost

"I just received my Push-pin Travel Map in the mail from Holy Cow! Canvas and I was so excited to hang it up! Not only do I love to travel, but I love to inspire others to follow their own paths and see the world"

Blog: Travel With Bender

"The owner, Tom Kacius, operates from a small studio and provides personalised service for each customer. But he’s big enough to provide very reasonable prices. No cookie-cutter experience here – rather a passionate team dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction."

Blog: No Destinations

"Relive past adventures and plan future ones from the comfort of your sofa – Holy Cow’s travel maps are the perfect decoration for any traveler's home"

Blog: Extra Pack of Peanuts

"I love traveling.  I love maps.  And, let’s be honest, it’s pretty cool to “show off” all the places you’ve been when your friends come over.

So it only makes sense that these push pin maps are at the very top of my wish list this year."

Blog: Travel With Bender - Christmas Gift Guide

"Imagine this beautiful canvas print hanging in your living room. But it’s not static… it changes every time you travel somewhere… it’s alive! Holy Cow Canvas offer 8 designs to choose from and you can customise the print with your own quote, legend and coloured pins. Construction quality is excellent and the ordering process is super simple. Every travel lover will want one of these. "